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PER MARE            PER AER            PER TERRAS
Our exclusive RazorSix Action Remora™ Systems are based upon 45 years of special operations experience from within our operational staff. Some designs base their beginnings back to the original World War II, Office of Strategic Services (OSS), First Special Service Force (FSSF) and the US Navy UDT/SEALs. 

During that period men and women were assigned to the OSS and the British Special Operations Element (SOE). 

Those daring operators help lead the way today to some of the world most elite Special Operations Forces (SOF) equipment. 

It was SOF and SOE now called the Special Air Service (SAS) who first developed Close Quarters Combat (CQC), today called Close Quarters Battle (CQB). This US and British union succeeded in the development of specialized gear for our frontline, airborne and waterborne operators. That tradition is carried on today inside RazorSix Tactical.

We have searched the world for the best products available and improved upon those designs to bring you the most complete designs available using only the best material available today. 

If you are looking for quality, you have come to the right place. We know what right looks like!

Our design paradigm is based upon time tested proven tactics, techniques and combat proficiencies. 

When we design a product, we build it based upon what we call the 3A approach: Speed of Action, Duration of Action and Durability in Action. 

More accurately stated we look at worst case scenarios when we build items to ensure simple fine motor skill movements (finger movements, hand eye coordination, sound, peripheral vision) and reduced stress workload of the operator in a firefight (aka- bullets and RPG's flying..not "hosin" down a house).

During a firefight your fine motor skills become diminished and your brain shuts down to a tunnel vision-like viewer and then your fine motor skills diminish even more so. This theory is applied to every product we build to protect and best serve the operator who will deploy our kit.

RazorSix Remora Action Systems:

Our signature RazorSix Remora© is a system incorporating heavy duty material, parts and genuine American ingenuity.  

Like the Remora fish which sticks to its host, our system sticks to you where you want it, when you want it. Our Remora systems can be used in conjunction with the MOLLE gear. 

Our gear is designed for protection from the elements, while still giving you comfort. 

If you are tired of having your tactical gear flop all around....pick something that gets stuck on you!